Message in a Bottle

For the third year in a row, all HEINEKEN Operating Countries were asked to show their sustainability progress by a ‘message in a bottle’.

Together with the HEINEKEN Corporate Affairs team, we created 56 unique one-pagers with local stories and pictures, combined with infographics highlighting local facts and figures. They were bundled into a digital publication, to accompany the HEINEKEN Annual Report.

The countries delivered their message to their key stakeholders, expressing the need for continued cooperation on ‘Brewing a Better World’.

In the last two editions, we cooperated with designer Serena Kloet. The first edition was made with Boudewijn de Bruin and photographer Olaf Robberse.

‘Message in a Bottle’ was part of the HEINEKEN International’s 2016 Reporting Suite, which became the winner of the Business Green Leaders Award ’Sustainability Report of the Year’.

Message in a Bottle 2017

Message in a Bottle 2016

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